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Educated Learning: A Martian’s Guide To Our Education System

Educated learning is the type of learning which takes place within our education system.

Educated learning is

Educated learning generally takes place through necessity. The state requires educated learning to the age of 16 and most work and further education requires tested grades from the education system

Educated learning generally takes place within the structure institutions called schools, colleges or universities.

Educated learning follows prescribed standardised schemes called syllabi, schemes of work and lesson plans.

Quality Controlled
Educated learning is quality controlled. Learner tests before and during courses help match courses and learners and ensure that course quality and achievements are as high as possible.

Educated learning takes place within the standardised quality controlled bounds that institution subject and timetable combinations of a curriculum makes possible.

Educational learning takes place with the environment and resources of the institution external connections are not necessary and learners are deliberately disconnected during periods of testing.

Closed and Private
Educated learning is closed and private. Many resources are kept closed by educators and accessed provided to learners as needed.  Learners generally work alone on assignments and submit them for marking in private for grading by a subject expert.

Subject Based
Educated learning is organised around subjects and subject cluster/combinations. Subjects have names like chemistry or history and define what can be learned.

Expert Based
Educated learning is based upon expertise and expert knowledge. Learning is judged and graded by experts against expert criteria. Experts have names like teacher, lecturer and professor.

In Educated learning those who do the learning are called pupils, students or learners. Those who teach are called teachers, lecturers or professors.

Answer Based
Educated learning is based around finding the right answers to the questions set by teachers.. Learners are tested and graded on the answers to questions.

Hierarchical and Elitist
Educated learning is organised and accessed in a hierarchy. Learners progress through levels –  higher levels are less available and accessible than lower levels. Higher levels are more respected than lower levels.

Educated learning is organised sequential through a course. A course is usually delivered to the learning through period of time known a a term and associated with the calendar. Access to educated learning is often associated with the learners age.

Content based
Educated learning generally involves the learning of specific content, skills and techniques upon which the learner is assessed.

Educated learning generally takes place at specific times in specific locations – usually in meetings called lessons or lectures. Learning is usually tested by answering questions on specific content or performance of specific skills within a specific time and at a specific place.

Educated learners must attend. Learners are marked on their attendance and may not be able entered for final testing unless a minimum standard for attendance has been achieved.


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