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Video Confession 15 – Audio Podcasting with ESOL students

Liz Boyden is an ESOL teacher and was the first experimenter working with the PET project. During January, February and March of 2008 she experimented with the application of Web 2 systems in ESOL teaching – among the systems she used was (Microblogging using Twitter, standard blogging using Blogger, Audio podcasting using Podomatic, and unstructured blogging using Tumblr).

Liz had helped support David Brightwell with an Audio podcasting project and I took a trip up to see Liz and the class which took part in the project.  In the video Liz briefly outlines the project and comments on how she found audio to be more practical for students as most of the students were less comfortable with publishing video. Indeed, this is what I found as when I made this video most of the students were hiding behind their books and papers.

The audio project asked the students two work in pairs and to interview each other about their home country. The project covered a great many elements – research, preparation, collaboration, communication and work with current technical systems to record and publish their work on the Internet.

In the video Mohammed describes his audio project to compare the countries and cultures of Iran and Somali and Abdi briefly talks about his role in helping out with the technical elements.

Multimedia projects have tremendous potential in all subjects – Multi-media and the Internet are the current publishing medium. Project work has always involved research, analysis, preparation and presentation. In the past this might have involved going to the library to read books, magazines and journals and then writing or word-processing something to paper. Today project work should involve the skills required for Internet research and publication and the use of multi-media for both research and presentation is increasingly useful.


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  1. actually Martin, David Brightwell helped ME with the podcasting! He was covering my tutor group and set up that project

    Comment by Liz B | June 3, 2008 | Reply

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