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Video confession 8

In this “video confession” you get a short trip around our “Office” , the Hammersmith T technicians workroom and meet some of the IT technician team at Hammersmith

Mike gives us the clap as our guest clapper board operator this week.

I mention a proposal for the college security cameras to run across the IT network – phew yet another responsibility to be absorbed by the IT budget and operation.

I’ve been working on our wireless network upgrade. Our current system is based upon independent Cisco “fat” access points. The new system will be based upon the latest Aruba controllers and “thin” access points. The new system has a great many advantages, for example  we can provide multiple wireless networks from a single access point and we can provide better and more reliable coverage – the central controller continuously monitors the radio environment and adjusts the settings of the “thin” access points to provide optimal cover.

 In the video you get a closer look at the new wireless access points – the large (and hot) 802.11n unit and the tiny 802.11ag (and cool) unit. The 802.11n system has only just become available – there could be some problems and they are more expensive. However, it makes more sense to put the brand new technology in now rather than buy “old” technology and replace it in a year or two. Over the coming months you may see the large 802.11n units around the college.

There has been a request for a large number of wired network points in a small area at Acton – to reduce the number of wired points. I have configured two of the small units to operate at Acton for a trial period. Technically this is interesting as the these units will create a VPN “tunnel” through the network from Acton to the controller at Hammersmith – later in the year Acton will get its own wireless controller.  Incidentally – using wireless can help the environment by reducing the amount of copper required in cabling.

In the Hammersmith IT technicians workroom you see Harry talk about some of the jobs being carried out today (Data Projector repairs and IT classroom software updates).

Darsha is configuring some laptops and setting up a mobile server to take to classrooms to help with software updates. The mobile server is used with the Ghost imaging program to change multiple computers simultaneously – often a whole classroom at a time.

 Raz is helping the other technicians with PC upgrades and the data projector repairs. Raz is a fine table tennis player but hasn’t got any opponents this week.

Ahmed is updating the software on a desktop computer running XP.  


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