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user empowerment on web 2

One of the great things about web 2 is the way you can publish something and then refer many people to it. For example, rather than email a video attachment to lots of mailboxes upload the video to youtube and then just email the link to the mailboxes.

One of the functions I wanted to do with blogging is to be able to publish information or an opinion and then send a link to people.  I had been using blogspot (blogger) as my blogspace but many people had trouble reading pages I emailed to them as links to blog entries. I tested the same function with wordpress and found no problem soI have imported all my Blogspot blog to wordpress – took about 30minutes from creating a wordpress account to having all my blogs imported.

The moral of the story is that users are empowered – it can be so quick and easy to switch systems that suppliers will have to pay attention to issues that are important to users. Compare this to the FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) that suppliers used to tie up users in the past.


August 18, 2007 - Posted by | web 2

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  1. Nice to know that you can back up your blog easily too – thinking from a class use point of view. Shame that RSS seems to freeze people up so much – it’s by far and away the most efficient way of tracking multiple sites/blogs. I’m trying to think of some way that we could “incentivise” feed reading to encourage people to adopt it – but I think the basic answer is that while other channels are in use, adoption is going to be very slow – a bit like moving over from the paper-based college bulletin, to the intranet.

    Comment by rdsc | August 21, 2007 | Reply

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